Hydrogen Cloud Separation Supports A Static Universe

It occurred to me that there must be some direct evidence of 'expansion' or 'non expansion' somewhere out there in space and the place I decided to look was in the light from distant quasars. I decided to look at things from the point of view of a mainstream cosmologist and see what conclusions I came to

Which are:

- The universe has been static for at least 1 billion years.

- that the universe is heating up rather cooling down (or certainly becoming more disturbed).

- That it is very much older than the 13.6 billion year or so we are led to believe.

That is, if we interpret actual data in a mainstream way!

In mainstream cosmology, quasars have been around for most of the life of the universe. Light from these quasars has been travelling towards us (if one believes in the Big bang) from the very beginning of the universe itself.

Hydrogen clouds too are believed to have been around from earliest times and every time light passes through one of these Hydrogen clouds photons of a particular frequency are absorbed leaving a 'black absorption line on the spectrum.

As the light travels onwards on its journey through space, it is redshifted - only for a new black absorption line to be stamped upon the spectrum by the next curso de sql para análisis de datos. In this way a whole 'forest' of lines are found on the quasar light spectrum called the Lyman alpha forest.

The light from the quasar has written on it the history of the dynamics of the Universe as on it, like the black dots on a high school ticker tape, are the positions of the Hydrogen clouds over the life of the universe.

I presented the paper at the CCC2 conference at Port Angeles, Washington State, USA in Sept 2008 and the paper is to be published in the proceedings of the conference.

The power point presentation can be found here


and a preprint of the paper can be found here

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