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Lyndon Ashmore

     Tired Light is an alternative cosmology to the

     Big Bang Theory and the expanding universe.

The Big Bang theory has come to a dead end and is having to dream up all sorts of theoretical  ideas in order to make it fit the results. Inflation, for one, being THE biggest ‘crystal sphere’ ever  invented. Just as the Greeks added more and more crystal spheres to their models of the  Universe to make them fit the facts, the Big bang theory is having to do the same. There is no  experimental evidence for inflation but without it the Big Bang theory just won’t work.  It is just a  sticking plaster placed on a severed artery in the forlone hope that it will stem the tide of blood  and save the patient. No chance! The universe is static and redshifts (the experimental evidence  wrongly associated with the velocity of a galaxy)  are caused by photons of light losing energy as  they travel through space. The Energy of the photon reduces, the frequency reduces and the  wavelength increases. It is as simple as that.  

The New Tired Light Theory

Recent data on Hydrogen Cloud separation show beyond doubt that the universe is static. The New Tired Light (NTL) not only explains how redshifts come about in a static universe  but it can calculates a correct value for the Hubble constant, calculate from first principles the distance to galaxies in terms of their redshift andit also predicts the CMB. The website is under construction. For more information please go to

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The book

Read the full story of Tired Light,  the history of the expanding  universe and why it has been  shown to be wrong. Available  from Amazon as Hard Copy or   e book. 
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